Goodbye #ugstJOUR

My first semester at UNT went by so fast. Relationships came and went and friendships grew. I participated in late night study groups, hands on school projects, extra credit trips, can-struction adventures, parties, lunch dates, actual dates, and moments I won’t soon forget all thanks to UGST 1000. I can confidently say that I feel more prepared for next semester then I did for this one. I now know where the library is! I remember what class was like the first week and as I step back and look at how everything panned out I smile. I wouldn’t change a thing. Cal has become a close friend of mine and because of him I am branching out and going to school events. Isabel, Astara, Jeff, Ivan, and Jake are some more friends that I cherish and hope to keep in touch with after this class. Now I move on to Advertising, or business, or theater, or who knows what. I know I’ll make good grades and succeed at whatever I end up doing. I may forget how to take perfect notes or how to study the proper way but I will never forget the importance of a group of friends trying to accomplish a goal together. #ugstJOUR #t2bby #lifesteppers 


Spirituality has always been a taboo subject in my family. My parents are strong Christians and I was raised to be religious not spiritual. So up to about now I haven’t been spiritual at all but after the presentation in class today I might change how I see things. I have been so stressed out here at UNT and I think visiting a chapel or meditating would be good for me. During the presentation he mentioned having no electronics for a little while and I think I might check out a book, go outside sometime, and read. I know it would do me good.

Roadtrip Nation & Group Collaboration

When I feel confident in a group environment I can direct and teach. During our history and Journalism study sessions I can be confident enough to keep the studying going and group together. I’m in no way saying I’m the leader of our study sessions, I am saying that if no one wants to step up I do. In my RTN group we do not have one person who Is the leader. I am very happy with my group. We did all of our interviews in one week. I feel very confident in our groups progress. We grew together in a way, the interviews helped up realize that college is real and we all have goals we’re heading towards. I am confident that our presentation will go smoothly. 

Did you know 3.0

The facts that the video presented were shocking to me. I feel like it was an eye opener. I thought america was higher on the intelligence scale. I don’t personally feel like the smartest person ever but it’s America! I didn’t realize how fast technology was moving. Videos like that are made to exercise your brain. I know that when I decide on a major I will pick one that is flexible and isn’t set and based on something that may be outdated in three years. After watching that video I don’t see how I’ll even get a job. I wonder if anyone else in our class feels panicked . I don’t think I’m really good at one particular thing. I am not saying I’m really good at everything but I have never had one special thing. I know college is when I should be learning all of these things but I need to know where to start. I am sure I could schedule an appointment to meet with academic advisers for advertising and theater arts. As for the facts in the video I could go to a government site and find more statistics.


I noticed that the outcomes to all of the relationship stories were similar. Love and happiness prevailed over all. In a typical Disney relationship the ending are happily ever after. In real life I sometimes find the outcome to be quite different. People don’t always end up doing the right thing and staying together. Life is hard and uncertain. In my life I have been through some “Disney moments”. When I was younger I argued with my mother often and all she wanted to do was be a part of my life after my parents divorced. Once I moved in with my dad and took some time away from my mom I had a better understanding of her and we fight a lot less. In general I think the characters in the stories reacted to the situations the way anyone would including myself. Over all I feel like It helps to be a little more understanding in a relationship. 


Are You Safe?
Ask yourself these questions:
~Do you walk alone at night to your car?
~Do you purchase things online?
~Do you post personal information like your phone number on Facebook or Twitter?
Throughout our post you will learn about the different precautions and methods used to protect yourself from personal security dangers in a variety of situations. 
There have been multiple aggressive assaults and robberies on campus since the school year has been in session. Are you taking the proper safety precautions on campus?
There are many safety resources available to UNT students on campus, you just have to be aware of them.
  • The UNT campus has over 50 emergency phones that have been strategically installed throughout the campus. Look for a green pole with a blue strobe light and the word “EMERGENCY” stenciled on three sides.  They are operated by a single button and, when activated, immediately connect you to the UNT police dispatcher.


  • E-ride late night transportation services are free to students and are a convenient way to get where you need to go without walking alone. E-ride is in operation from 9pm-2am 7 days a week, excluding holidays. Just call 940-565-3014 and your ride will be there in around ten minutes. The drivers will be in uniform.


  • As a student there are presentations offered to you by the University of North Texas Police Department. Some of them include; General Self Defense Program, SHARP (Sexual Harassment And Rape Prevention), Campus Safety & Personal Awareness Presentation, and Protocol for Handling Disruptive Individuals Presentation.
Whether you know it or not, your online integrity and safety is almost constantly at risk of being compromised. Are you taking the proper safety precautions online? Many people are not aware of the different measures they can take when it comes to protecting themselves from identity theft and other online security threats.
About 8 million Americans are the victims of identity theft each year. That’s about 1 person every 3 seconds. According to the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report, 40% of US households have been affected by viruses, and more than 24 million US households experience heavy spam. 1 million US households have lost money or had accounts misused by phishing methods. The estimated cost to US households for viruses, spyware and phishing is upwards of $4.5 billion. What can you do to protect yourself?
  • Hide your IP address. An IP address reveals seemingly harmless information such as your city, state, zip code, and what browser you’re using, which can be exploited by online thieves. Consider installing software that hides your IP address, and therefore your identity and online activities, from criminals, search engines, and advertisers.
  • Use Wi-Fi protection. Virus protection and protection against malicious software don’t protect you from cyber-criminals who might be lurking on unsecured connections. Make sure that you don’t reveal any sensitive identity information (passwords, bank account numbers, etc) while on an unsecured Wi-Fi connection.
  • Think twice before you type. Posts are permanent, public and exploitable. Once your information is out there, it’s out there for good. Sometimes by talking about your cat, you could be revealing more than just his sleeping patterns, you may be revealing your email password.

Follow all of the steps mentioned and you will find yourself feeling more at ease about your personal security on campus and online. Do your best to keep up with the newest methods and procedures to stay as safe as you can be. Our world is constantly adapting and becoming more advanced, but so are the methods by which someone can be taken advantage of. Criminals are always coming up with new ways to rob you and take advantage of you, so do what you can to fully and effectively protect you and your loved ones. Make a habit of going through a checklist of important items you may need to have with you before you leave to walk to your car at night. Install firewalls and anti-virus software to protect your files and identity. In the end, what’s yours is yours and you have the right to protect it. What do you currently do to protect yourself? Was there any part of this presentation that surprised or alarmed you? What can you do in your everyday life to better prevent the above mentioned crimes from happening to you? Be safe, be smart, and be prepared.


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Money Matters

I would like to say that I manage my money properly… sometimes. I Know that if I ever need help with anything I can schedule a consultation. The game we played in class was pretty fun and the final message was helpful. I think I have more then one thing that I splurge on. I need to work on that. Being in college they say you like the poor life, but I’m not. Maybe that will kick in this summer when I have to find a place to live. If I was smart I’d be working as much as I can now so next year I will have a good savings. I’m not doing that. I feel like This year will be my easiest time in college. After this I’ll have to work a lot and study harder. The older you get the more responsibilities you have and it’s good to know that if I ever need money management help I have a place at school THAT IS FREE!!

learning 101

My learning 101 class was helpful. I went to the test taking tips. The class taught me how to prepare for a test and It showed me what I was doing wrong. What I should be doing is daily lesson reviews after class for 20 to 30 minutes, also weekly reviews of 30 to 40 minutes would help to bring everything together. Cramming wont help me in the long run because  you loose almost all of the information within days. I learned that on the test day I need to be well rested and comfortable. My clothes shouldn’t bother me and If i get cold easily I should being a jacket. It’s common since to bring all of the material you need to the class but people don’t always thing of extra pencils or an eraser. Once the test is handed out you should read all of the instruction and listen to anything your teacher has to say. Before opening the test and starting you should focus yourself. That might just be closing your eyes for a minute and breathing steadily. I also write down important information in the margins before I start the test and get confused. Try not to be the first one finished. Taking your time and pacing yourself can make a difference. Also, If you pick and answer and then think about it and want to change it that’s fine but your first answer is usually the right one. I get caught changing my answers for the worst all of the time. In the class we discussed specific types of tests and how to take them with the best. I feel like the next time I take a test I will think about the class and It will help me make the right decisions. 


I am an EAC (enterprising, artistic, conventional). One thing from the test results that I am very pleased with is my top ten Strong occupations. My number one was Advertising Account Manager (AE). I have been considering advertising for a little while now and this made me happy. On page 12 it provides me with some scales. Marketing and advertising were very high followed with performing arts, visual arts, culinary arts, and sales at high. I liked these results more then the last ones. I’m not saying I didn’t like the last ones at all, I just feel like the possible jobs and majors from this one fit me better. From the three page packet I received in class I looked at the major section on the bottom of my pages. Advertising, theatre, graphic design, journalism, marketing, and communications were all possible majors and they are all majors I’ve considered.  I am glad I was given the opportunity to take these personal assessment tests and even though I won’t let them decide my major for me I will take them into consideration and mind when decided on what to pick.